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      Service Hotline:0510-88700553/88707301

      ABOUT US

      Yuda Light Industry Machinery Factory in Wuxi City is the industrys AAA-level brand-name enterprises, through ISO-9001 international quality certification of well-known manufacturers, Professor To keep the contract keep credibility unit. Good at developing users in urgent need of special non-standard equipment. Professional Manufacturing: metal coils, sheet coating production flow Water line series of bamboo, wood floor coating machine series; automatic spraying machine series; drug coating, thermal sol coating series; board printing machine series;Coil coloring machine series; hot and cold plastic film machine series; Stamping machine series.


      Integrity-based business ethics for the soul

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      Wuxi Yuda Light Industry Machinery Factory
      Address: Xianting District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu East Road, Spring bamboo shoot 100
      Tel: 0510-88700553 / 88707301
      Fax: 0510-88203899
      Mobile:13701510619/13093082651(Mr Shen)
      13906173123(Ms Yu)
      13861695773(Janny Ni-Export Department)

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